Customized personal training. Each program is designed based on individual goals, health history and body composition.

There are several different options available in a price range that can fit everyone's budget:

  • One on one - personal training with your own trainer in a 30 minute or 60 minute session.
  • Two on one - personal training for you and a friend with a trainer in a 30 min or 60 min session.
  • Workout for You - First, we design you your own personal workout based upon your goals. Then, you train on your own.
  • Workout for You with Review - This is just like the Workout for You except every 6 weeks we review and revise your program based upon your progress plus any other factors.

  • The benefits from working one on one with a trainer include:

  • Trainer establishes program based upon goals.
  • Your program is carefully tracked and revised as you make progress.
  • Trainer provides motivation and helps bring out the best in the client.
  • Trainer guides you on proper technique thus minimizing possibility of injury.